For retailers

Time is often in short supply – not only on construction sites, but also in retail. When customers are demanding more and more consultation and product portfolios are becoming more and more specialized – then a good partner is worth its weight in gold.
As a manufacturer of acoustically effective products, we would also like to support retailers in meeting these challenges. We combine many years of experience and professional know-how with precisely tailored services. Satisfied trade partners are our motivation – our added value for retailers:



We speed things up wherever possible. This means that we not only react quickly to inquiries, but also ensure short delivery times. Thanks to standardized products, we simplify storage and accelerate production processes. The result: faster order processing. This benefits both the end customers and the purchasing department.


We strengthen our trading partners. When it comes to customer advice, we are happy to contribute our acoustic expertise. Our consultants and experts are available here for training and workshops. Talk to us!


Sales is one thing, administration and logistics are another. We support our partners in trade, for example, with our warehouse deliveries or by providing them with precisely defined price lists for acoustic products for interior design.

in partnership

We can help in marketing and sales. Here, the range of possibilities extends from the provision of catalogs, samples and advertising material to support at in-house exhibitions and workshops on the subject of acoustics.

Relevante Produktlinien

Format board

"Best-Practice for processors."

Our format boards can be designed individually and are perfect for furniture construction due to the carrier panels with bars and hole-free areas. 



"Acoustic slats according to customer requirements."

Versatile in design, practical conditioning and almost intuitive to assemble.
Since it´s market launch, the popular system is our product line most in demand.


"Well fixed - quickly installed."

We also offer the right accessories for our high-quality acoustic elements
and thus make them easier for you to install.