For furniture construction and industry

The trend towards room acoustics has long outgrown its niche – good acoustic conditions are simply too important for today's many worlds of work, learning and living. In furniture and product development, for example, the topic of sound insulation has long been taken into consideration from the very beginning.
This is where we as specialists come in. We are not only a supplier of acoustically effective products; thanks to our many years of experience, we can also offer sound advice. Take advantage of our know-how in research and development. A number of decisive attributes speak for akustikplus – our added value for furniture construction and industry:



Anyone who orders from akustikplus not only knows that they can count on the highest quality products and systems, but also that we always keep our promises when it comes to delivery times. Reliability is part of our business model.


High-quality furniture construction is in the DNA of akustikplus. We combine these decades of experience with the latest know-how and provide acoustically effective doors, partitions and rear walls, cabinet bases and much more.


We know what we’re talking about. We have a holistic understanding of room acoustics and bring this expertise to bear for our customers. Whether product development, design, technology or cost savings: We’ll get the maximum benefit out of it for you.


As experts for the development and optimization of acoustic products, we know the importance of suitable technologies. This primarily affects our production processes. Furthermore, we can offer our customers quick access to a reverberation chamber for sound measurements.

Relevante Produktlinien

Format board

"Best-Practice for processors."

Our format boards can be designed individually and are perfect for furniture construction due to the carrier panels with bars and hole-free areas. 


panel system

"The all-inclusive-package for key accounts and small customers in every field of action."

The well-thought-out system solution feels at home in high-quality interior design.
In addition to the effective acoustic elements, we also offer the exact appropriate substructure.


"Grafic-Design made audible."

We give room acoustics a face, creating unique works of art
and make your creative ideas visible.


"Well fixed - quickly installed."

We also offer the right accessories for our high-quality acoustic elements
and thus make them easier for you to install.