Tailored to every purpose

The akustikplus product portfolio offers a wide range of room acoustic solutions. Differentiated according to intended use or user, there is a suitable product for every project. After all, it makes a difference whether the space to be fitted is a concert hall or an auditorium, classroom or living room.
Are you looking for a sustainable solution or a product that’s visually stunning? Does it need to be particularly easy to scale up or down, or to install? Is your preference for elegant or modern? And last but not least, which of the more than 100 types of wood and pattern do you like best? Have a look around and discover our product portfolio!

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Format board

"Best-Practice for processors."

Our format boards can be designed individually and are perfect for furniture construction due to the carrier panels with bars and hole-free areas. 



"Acoustic slats according to customer requirements."

Versatile in design, practical conditioning and almost intuitive to assemble.
Since it´s market launch, the popular system is our product line most in demand.

panel system

"The all-inclusive-package for key accounts and small customers in every field of action."

The well-thought-out system solution feels at home in high-quality interior design.
In addition to the effective acoustic elements, we also offer the exact appropriate substructure.


"Grafic-Design made audible."

We give room acoustics a face, creating unique works of art
and make your creative ideas visible.


"Our fire protection solution: Meet all requirements."

Our fire protection solution proofire complements our product range with non-combustible and decorative acoustic panels for interior fittings.
The materials used comply with the currently valid fire protection requirements and are particularly in demand in public buildings.


"Well fixed - quickly installed."

We also offer the right accessories for our high-quality acoustic elements
and thus make them easier for you to install.