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The akustikplus product portfolio offers a wide range of room acoustic solutions. Differentiated according to intended use or user, there is a suitable product for every project. After all, it makes a difference whether the space to be fitted is a concert hall or an auditorium, classroom or living room.
Are you looking for a sustainable solution or a product that’s visually stunning? Does it need to be particularly easy to scale up or down, or to install? Is your preference for elegant or modern? And last but not least, which of the more than 100 types of wood and pattern do you like best? Have a look around and discover our product portfolio!

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Large formats

Our standard program – with the almost-invisible perforation images “classic,” “finest” and “select” – has been developed especially for finishing companies. The large-format plates are available from stock in quantities of two or more. In addition, the panels can be manufactured to order up to a maximum length of 3,500 mm and in any laminate pattern, real wood veneer or colored lacquer finish. Among other formats, the assembly and delivery of components is also possible.



These slats are easy to handle and almost intuitive to install. With a width of 192 mm, they are approx. 50% wider than many slat systems available on the market, which considerably reduces the installation time. All offered perforation and slit patterns have outstanding sound absorption properties. The system requires only minimal planning and can be offered at an optimal price/performance ratio.

panel system

The panel system is our "all-inclusive package" for customers of all sizes. It contains not only panels in the ideal size, but also the matching substructure on request and is therefore as suitable for large wall designs as it is for the acoustic retrofitting of small rooms.


“Acoustographics” is a new term that describes more than just a product.
We developed a complex process that makes it possible to design high-performance broadband absorbers as individualized art objects. Each of these pieces is unique and unmistakable in its aesthetics, individual in the best sense of the word, and thus a way of creating identity and value.

Acoustography - akustikplus meets fantasy.



The technical product properties of our materials have been proven by numerous measurements and tests and verified in the form of test and classification reports, certificates, etc. from recognized national and international institutions. We will be happy to provide you with these documents if required.



Well-attached. Quick to install.

We offer specially developed solutions for installing our products.