“Acoustographics” is a new term that describes more than just a product.
We developed a complex process that makes it possible to design high-performance broadband absorbers as individualized art objects. Each of these pieces is unique and unmistakable in its aesthetics, individual in the best sense of the word, and thus a way of creating identity and value.

Acoustography - akustikplus meets fantasy.


From template to Acoustography

Photographs as well as graphics or other artistic techniques, texts, symbols or logos are suitable as templates for our acoustographics. It is also possible to implement pattern templates with a recurring repeat. When selecting a subject, it is important to ensure that the ratio of the image detail to the size of the desired acoustic panel is appropriate; the same applies to the depth of detail. The digital images can be processed in all common formats (jpg, tiff, eps); the resolution should be at least 300 dpi.





In terms of structure, acoustographics do not differ from the other products in our range. The decorative perforation is made in the decorative layer; the further construction of the overall panel depends on the installation situation as well as the requirements for fire protection, emission behavior and sustainability.
You can choose between lacquered surfaces, real wood veneers and CPL/HPL/melamine surfaces. Please note that the visual effect of the acoustographics will be much more dramatic when paired with lighter shades and plain veneer images.

We offer you tried-and-true product designs that are used, for example, as one-sided decorative wall or ceiling paneling or as furniture fronts that are decorative on both sides.


Example: one-sided decorative
Exeample: two-sided decorative


  1. Pattern
  2. Balance
  3. Portrait
  4. Individual
  5. Corporate
  6. Typo
  7. Doors




Patterns in grid.

Patterns surround us everywhere. Often typical of certain regions or epochs, they are an essential stylistic device for individualizing materials or surfaces. Usually a braid is enough to identify a product as child-friendly, particularly romantic or assigned to a specific culture. Patterned surfaces, carried out in a recurring pattern, are easy to implement, but strong and expressive in their effect.






Unendlich kombinierbar.

The perforation image we called “balance” was the first motif that we presented to the public. The refined motif can be lined up in any shape - rotated, mirrored or overturned - and always creates new, harmonious patterns. In addition, each individual element has its own meaningfulness. As shown on the following pages, 256 combinations are already possible with four panels, all of which are different in their own right, but create a uniform overall picture on any wall length. The motif "balance" is particularly suitable for the execution of very long wall claddings. An organic image is created, the undesired moiré effect is prevented.




Subtle immortalized.

We have already created portraits in various forms, small murals - often as individual gifts for weddings and birthdays - but also several meters long, elaborate wall coverings. Recognizing the people depicted in this unusual process regularly leads to a special WOW effect. It is a subtle, unobtrusive and valuable way to portray something very personal, which is precisely why these portraits are enjoyable for many years.






As individual as you are.

There are hardly any limits to the selection of suitable motifs and possible applications, all you have to do is to choose the right ratio of depth of detail and desired format. In an era of ubiquitous, often color-intensive prints, acoustic graphics offer an interesting alternative to visual representation in private and public interiors, as they blend harmoniously into every design concept. Added to this is the technical added value of a highly effective broadband absorber.




Stand out.

Companies, associations and other institutions generally appreciate it when you have different options to express your corporate identity. In interior design, acoustography can make an interesting contribution here, for example by integrating logos or slogans in wall cladding, as an eye-catcher in foyers or a recurring element in branches or at different locations. In addition to the motif, the integration of acoustically effective elements in the professional environment always leads to more pleasant working conditions, which in turn has a supportive effect on a corporate identity that is perceived as positive.




Reading graphics.

Acoustographs can be used not only for visual representations, but also for typographic motifs or short texts. Whether it's company names, room names, succinct slogans or a list of locations, our customers can develop a variety of ideas here.



Acoustography doors with Bud Spencer and Marilyn Monroe.

Open for ideas.

Today, doors are increasingly perceived as designable elements. It makes sense, for example, to provide room numbers in hotels, kindergarten groups or stylish toilet doors with imaginatively designed, characteristic motifs or numbering.


Haus am Aegi Hannover_2016

Haus am Aegi
Office Hannover


MPI Stuttgard Besprechungsraum

Conference room