The technical product properties of our materials have been proven by numerous measurements and tests and verified in the form of test and classification reports, certificates, etc. from recognized national and international institutions. We will be happy to provide you with these documents if required.

akustikplus proofire A2 complements our product range with non-combustible, decorative finishing panels and acoustically effective materials for the highest fire protection requirements. Fire protection is playing an increasingly important role, particularly in public buildings.
The akustikplus proofire A2 product range provides non-combustible products, A2-s1,d0 DIN EN 13501-1.
All akustikplus proofire A2 products are available with Micro-CPL, real wood venner and lacquer and different perforations and slottings.

The panels meet all individual requests for a decorative design and optimal room acoustics. Thanks to our wide range of formats and products, we also offer you maximum design freedom in this sensitive area.


Technical data

Availability: Micro-CPL, real wood venner and lacquered surfaces. As flat element or with acoustically effectiveness and various perforations and slit pattern.
Weight: raw 1.100 kg/m³, in real use up to 1.200 kg/m³ on panel thickness 12 to 18 mm the standard weight of one panel (2.800 x 1.260 mm) is between 13 und 22 kg/m²
Torsion behaviour: less torsion than MDF/Chipboard (symetrical built-up)
differences in length depending on temerature changes (<0,02 mm (mK) and changing of relative airhumidity (30% on 20°C: 0,6 mm/m
Edge strenght: little less than wood materials
Sorage and installation: normal climatical conditions (approx. 10°-35° C und 45-75% r. F.)
Emissions: no harm to health, since there are no significant emissions of volatile organic substances or formaldehyde, corresponding certificates are available.
General strenght: surface (Brinell): 20 N/mm²
adhesion tensile strenght: 0,6 N/mm²
bending tensile strenght: 4,2 N/mm²
E-Modul: 2.200 N/mm²






The fire classification of proofire is divided into the following characteristics:


A2: Classifices the fire behaviour.

s1: s is for smoke and provides an additional classification regarding the developing of smoke. 1 is for non/barely smoke developing.

d0: d is for droplets and an additional classification for the production of smoke and flaming droplets. 0 stands for: no droplets.

Oberflächen / Ausführungen


The surface quality of the composite board is determined by the mineral content of the carrier board as well as the use of thin micro-layers, veneers or lacquer applications. Without special pre-treatment of the carrier plate (calibration), small instances of unevenness can occur in the surface; these may become noticeable when the light strikes at a certain angle, for example. These small “shrinkholes” cannot be avoided in production and do not represent a defect. We therefore differentiate 3 execution qualities:





High-quality surface finish.

Surface finish that may have small irregularities.

Return possible without claim.

The available A2 composite panels are designed as standard with an A surface on the front and a B surface on the back. The panels are marked accordingly so that the respective surface can be clearly identified. Other surface combinations are also possible on request. Due to production conditions, A2 decorative surfaces may show slight deviations in color and structure compared to coated wood-based material surfaces.




based on the A2 composite panels, we are also able to offer these elements in the form of perforated or slotted A2 acoustic products.

akustikplus proofireA2 perforation
akustikplus proofireA2 linear



akustikplus proofireA2 Perforation

1) Explanation: Perforation on example 4 / 4 / 1,5 = 4 mm distance horizontally and 4 mm vertically from the center of the hole to the center of the hole, with a hole diameter of 1.5 mm.



akustikplus proofireA2 linear

1) Explanation: Slotting on example 16,0 / 2,0 = 16 mm distance from center of groove to center of groove / 2.0 mm groove width.


Core board

The standard proofire base board is colored in a light brown tone, which harmonizes with most veneers and wood decors. This makes it possible to do without an edge coating and still obtain optically attractive edges.





proofire A2



proofire A2