Format boards

Our standard program – with the almost-invisible perforation images “classic,” “finest” and “select” – has been developed especially for finishing companies. The large-format plates are available from stock in quantities of two or more. In addition, the panels can be manufactured to order up to a maximum length of 3,500 mm and in any laminate pattern, real wood veneer or colored lacquer finish. Among other formats, the assembly and delivery of components is also possible.


Technical data

Measurements: 2.800 x 1.320 mm
(perforated area 2.770 mm 1.300 mm)
Total thickness: ca. 20 mm
Core board: MDF / gypsum fiber
Fire classification:
DIN EN 13501-1
B-s1, dO solid wood, lacquer
B-s2, d0 CPL
A2-s1, d0 core board
Formaldehyd: E1 in composite (WKI certificated)



Depending on the desired installation conditions, you can choose between one-sided and double-sided decorative panels.
Our double-sided decorative panels have a symmetrical structure and are therefore ideally suited for use in furniture construction. They are low-distortion and resistant to mechanical stress.

single-sided decorative

decorative on both sides

double-sided decorative

decorative on one side


  1. finest
  2. classic
  3. select

Our micro-perforation - hole pattern in scale of 1:1


finest 1,8/1,8/0,5 mm
open surface 6,1%
308.642 holes/m2


classic 3/3/1 mm
open surface 8,7%
111.111 holes/m2


select 4/4/1,5 mm
open surface 11,0%
62.500 holes/m2

    More perforations on request.


Real wood veneer

We have the following real wood veneers and patterns in stock. This enables us to offer very short delivery times depending on the quantity. Other patterns from various manufacturers as well as real wood veneers and lacquer surfaces are available on request.


Canadian maple


European oak


Amercian walnut

Schichtstoff CPL

base white

W908 ST2 – Basic White

platinum white st2

W980 ST2 – Platinum White

platinum white st15

W980 ST15 – Platinum White

premium white

W1000 ST9 – Premium White

porcelain white

W1200 ST9 – Porcelain White

cashmere gray

U702 ST9 – Cashmere Grey

light gray

U708 ST9 – Light Grey

stone gray

U727 ST9 – Stone Grey

onyx gray

U960 ST9 – Onyx Grey


U999 ST2 – Black


H1115 ST12 – Grey-Beige Bamenda

bardolino oak

H1145 ST10 – Natural Bardolino Oak

lakeland acacia

H1277 ST9 – Light Lakeland Acacia

sorano oak

H1334 ST9 – Light Sorano Oak

starnberg maple

H1887 ST2 – Natural Starnberg Maple

charleston oak

H3154 ST36 – Dark Brown Charleston Oak

hard maple champagne

H3860 ST9 – Champagne Hard Maple


H1920 ST9 – Tyrol Beech


F509 ST2 – Aluminium

chromix silver

F638 ST16 – Chromix Silver


P100W – paintableSM


We offer decors both as 0,6 mm laminate, micro-laminate and melamin-coated MDF board 16 mm.

Extra information surfaces:
ST2: Smoothtouch Pearl
ST9: Smoothtouch Matt
ST10: Deepskin Rough
ST12: Omnipore Matt
ST15: Smoothtouch Velvet
ST16: Mineral Plaster
ST36: Feelwood Brushed


Varities of core materials

In order to facilitate cutting, fabrication and assembly, the plank partition is available in three variants. These are especially designed to meet the dimensional requirements of furniture construction, but are also ideally suited for use as ceiling “sails” due to the sturdiness provided by horizontal planks. When making up furniture fronts, you can choose between one-sided decorative panels for sliding doors or ceiling sails and double-sided decorative panels for hinged doors.


Universally usable
Optimized for:

  • wall and ceiling panels
  • side -and reals walls of furniture
  • construction shelfs

Core board 400er
Optimized for:

  • hinged and sliding doors
  • perfect for plinths and wall connections
  • adapted to standard folder height

Core board 600
Optimized for:

  • hinged and sliding doors
  • perfect for plinths and wall connections
  • adapted to standard folder height



Sparkassenversicherung Wiesbaden, Facade of the Atrium real wood veneer oak,

Perforation: finest 1,8/1,8/0,5 mm

Product in use:
Large formats


Finanz Informatik „Drehscheibe“ Frankfurt/Main, Echtholzfurnier Teak, Perforation classic 3/3/1 mm

Verwendetes Produkt: