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akustik+ light a systematic and convertible form richness characterizes our collection and thus enables high degrees of freedom in the creative light and acoustic design. Although our product families uses different forms, the whole program is based on a stringent, coherent concept. Cuts, proportions, surfaces, optics and color temperatures are perfectly matched, so for any architectural requirement, the appropriate combination can be selected not only from a series, but from the whole range..



The challenge of making the perfect combination of light, sound and architecture with the perfectly fitting light and acoustic solution is our passion. As multidisciplinary team combines the fascination for intangible Materials light and good Ambience: physicists, lighting technician, audiologist and product designers accompany closely with design engineers, electronic engineers, production technologists the complex development process; each one with its specific subject-specific know-how an own light laboratory, extensively equipped with a goniophotometer, an Ulbrichsten ball and numerous additional measuring equipment for acoustics, allows custom development processes at a high level.

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