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For wall mounts of akustik+ proofire products we offer a specially developed metal-rail system. The system for invisible mounting of wall panels comprises:

 -  Wall rail WL21/48

 -  Panel rail PL16/48 and PL 32/48

Hook in system: metal stud wall system for invisible hanging system of wall panels using the following described items.


Mounting the panel rails on panels: with screw connection.


Connecting material: Würth ASSY 4.5 mm, Article no. 01533 045 015


Panel rail: Galvanized steel profile PL 16/48 for mounting on Panel rear s ide and for hanging in wall rail WL 21/48, A+ Article No. panel rail: 4Z16PL
(we recommend in addition, the use of assembly adhesives)
Max distance between panel rails: 600 mm


Wall rail: Galvanized steel profile WL 21/48 for mounting to wall studs Knauf UA profile 50/40/2, A+ Article No. Wall rail: 4Z16WL.


Packaging rails:

1 unit á  5 pieces
5 units á 25 pieces
10 units á 50 pieces

We are happy to assist you to find the right product for your needs.

Our hotline&nbspis open from 8: 00-16: 30 pm +49 (0) 36254 - 8659 0  or send us an email to info@akustik-plus.com

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