Where are room acoustics most important?

We are of the opinion that these days, in almost every building project, room acoustics should be included in the planning from the very beginning. Of course, there are a number of uses for which it is particularly important to pay attention. akustikplus has many years of experience and special expertise in the following areas:

Arts & media

  • Concert halls
  • Theater
  • Television and radio studios

Education & Learning

  • Lecture rooms
  • Convention centers
  • School and classrooms
  • Libraries

Office & administration

  • Entrance halls and foyers
  • Open-plan offices


Society & events

  • Public institutions
  • Restaurants
  • Churches

Private houses & apartments

  • Living areas
  • Music rooms
  • Building stairwells





Ruhe statt Lärm

Goodbye noise, hello peace and quiet

Weniger Stress, mehr Lernen

Whether you’re a teacher, student, professor or trainee – everyone knows it: When the acoustics in a room are poor, it’s harder to learn and accomplish anything productive, and we find ourselves getting tired more quickly. That is why it is so important to ensure good audibility when designing learning spaces. It helps everyone.

Schwerpunkt Ästhetik

Elegant design

Schallschutz trifft Schönheit

Room acoustics solutions have long since ceased to be undesirable components of interior design. Modern systems such as the wood-based products from akustikplus are integral design elements that convey elegance and naturalness in equal measure and visually enhance rooms.