What causes room acoustics

There are various arguments for the use of room acoustic systems. Three of them are particularly decisive. In the ideal case, the users benefit equally from all effects.
Improved sound
Our acoustic products provide an optimized room sound and minimize possible reverberation. This makes communication easier, and “sound-related events” such as music or spoken lectures are perceived with significantly higher quality.  
Unique optics
With room acoustic solutions from akustikplus, interiors are aesthetically shaped and enhanced. The ceiling or wall paneling is available in a wide variety of woods and colors. In this way, every product in interior design achieves the desired look – from classic to modern.
Sustainable health
Especially in working or learning environments, efficient sound absorption is beneficial for concentration and productivity. Furthermore, optimized room acoustics also have a tangible health effect. Stress and headaches are reduced, while well-being and relaxation are increased. Of course, this applies not only to rooms for professionally use, but also to private living environments.  

Ruhe statt Lärm

Goodbye noise, hello peace and quiet

Weniger Stress, mehr Lernen

Whether you’re a teacher, student, professor or trainee – everyone knows it: When the acoustics in a room are poor, it’s harder to learn and accomplish anything productive, and we find ourselves getting tired more quickly. That is why it is so important to ensure good audibility when designing learning spaces. It helps everyone.

Schwerpunkt Ästhetik

Elegant design

Schallschutz trifft Schönheit

Room acoustics solutions have long since ceased to be undesirable components of interior design. Modern systems such as the wood-based products from akustikplus are integral design elements that convey elegance and naturalness in equal measure and visually enhance rooms.