Elegant and effective at the same time

The 21st century is all about communication. Digitalization and the need to be “always on” has shaped society and the economy in equal measure. This is also accompanied by new demands on the design of rooms. After all, in the sense of holistic communication, it often makes sense for physical and digital presences to complement each other harmoniously. This applies to companies as well as to educational institutions or other public institutions.

Trend: Corporate architecture
All from one source and as unmistakable as possible: The entire “personality” of an organization is planned and designed right from the start – from its social media profile to the entrance foyer. This may seem excessive, but it makes sense on many levels. On the one hand, this creates a unique “source” – an unmistakable brand that people quickly recognize. On the other hand, it is simply efficient to apply a design to everything: Business cards, work clothes, office equipment – and interior design.

Room acoustics as a stylistic element
Against this background, room acoustic solutions from akustikplus play a very special role. After all, they combine high performance and perfect fit with enormous flexibility in terms of design. Every wall and ceiling solution is infinitely scalable and can be installed in any dimensions thanks to its modular design. In addition, the products are available in around 100 types of wood, some with different grains and colors. This allows interior designers to choose from an enormous variety and find exactly the right solution for a uniform design. Elegant or natural, modern or timeless – and always highly acoustically effective.


Ein Konzertsaal mit optimaler Akustik.


Gehört wird überall

The fields of application for room acoustic solutions from akustikplus are as varied as the people who need them. It is important to find the perfect solution for every building and every purpose. Does it need to be especially quiet? Is it important for many people be able to concentrate on their work? Is the goal to create the perfect environment to listen to music? Here’s an overview of our application areas.




Eine Idee - drei Effekte

Just as there are different fields of application for systems from akustikplus, our solutions also have different effects. They help to improve the sound in the room, they sustainably promote the health of the people in the room and, in addition, they can also aesthetically enhance interiors. We combine and unite these effects in our products.