prefabricated acoustic panels

4/4/1,5 | 4/4/2

HPL W911 ST15 White

Berlin | Germany


Adrian Eichhorn Holzwerkstätte GmbH & Co. KG

Federal agency for Real Estate

Schnepp Renou

Immediately on the banks of the Spree, you will find one of the most futuristic buildings in Berlin. The name Futurium is literally same as it´s architecture. The extraordinary building rises in the heart of the capital between the Reichstag and the main station, in the middle of the government district. The Futurium represents the cultural center looking ahead to our future. Over 3,200 m² of exhibition space provide insights and visions into the world of tomorrow. The building itself embodies something visionary.

The building envelope consists of high-quality cast glass and differently folded metal reflectors. A total of over 8,000 cassette elements adorn the exterior. Regardless of the time of day, this kindles a multi-faceted and remarkable play of light. Even before its official opening, the Futurium was a popular photo opportunity - both with tourists and locals. Nothing has changed to this day. The completely barrier-free exhibition and event rooms are open and flooded with light. High window fronts allow unique panoramic views of the surroundings and at the same time symbolize the wide perspective that the house would like to give on future topics.

Skizze Futurium Berlin
Longitudinal section of the building | Image: Richter Musikowski

But not only the aesthetics of the Futurium are trend-setting and facing the future: The building meets the standard of a low-energy house. It relies entirely on the potential of regenerative energies. The spectacular “Skywalk” on the roof not only allows a view of the Spreebogen and the Chancellery, but also a view of the "solar sea" made up of collector fields for photovoltaics and solar thermal energy.

With mobile partition walls and intelligent building services, the event areas on the ground floor of the house can be configured differently from 50 to 670 m². Equipped with daylight, bright, acoustically active surfaces, a large number of retractable projection media and barrier-free design, they offer space for understanding the world of tomorrow.

We had the opportunity to supply the project with acoustically effective elements. The prefabricated sound absorbers with different perforations (4/4/1.5 and 4/4/2) were installed on the ground floor as fixed wall installations and partition wall elements. This guarantees optimal room acoustics regardless of the size and use of the event space. With the processing by Adrian Eichhorn Holzwerkstätte GmbH & Co. KG, the project was in the professional hands of one of the most renowned interior designers in Germany.

The different perforations and packaging of the elements are modern and futuristic for the visitor. This means that our products can be perfectly integrated into the overall architectural concept of the building.