Room acoustics – an industry with a promising future

How can we change and improve how we hear in enclosed spaces? As early as the first half of the 19th century, experts – from the theater industry in particular, but also architects – were exploring the subject of room acoustics. The first major scientific publications appeared around 1900, but it was to take almost until the turn of the millennium for the topic to be recognized by a broader public. Now, in the 21st century, room acoustics is a field with real potential for the future.
The effects of pleasant acoustics on concentration and health are taken into account when planning modern working environments. In kindergartens, schools and universities, it is also important to consider that learning and teaching function better without disturbing noise and unwanted sound. The situation is similar in buildings that are built specifically for listening, from concert halls to radio studios. Innovative room acoustics are in demand everywhere – for example with systems from akustikplus.


Ein Konzertsaal mit optimaler Akustik.


Gehört wird überall

The fields of application for room acoustic solutions from akustikplus are as varied as the people who need them. It is important to find the perfect solution for every building and every purpose. Does it need to be especially quiet? Is it important for many people be able to concentrate on their work? Is the goal to create the perfect environment to listen to music? Here’s an overview of our application areas.




Eine Idee - drei Effekte

Just as there are different fields of application for systems from akustikplus, our solutions also have different effects. They help to improve the sound in the room, they sustainably promote the health of the people in the room and, in addition, they can also aesthetically enhance interiors. We combine and unite these effects in our products.

Ruhe statt Lärm

Goodbye noise, hello peace and quiet

Weniger Stress, mehr Lernen

Whether you’re a teacher, student, professor or trainee – everyone knows it: When the acoustics in a room are poor, it’s harder to learn and accomplish anything productive, and we find ourselves getting tired more quickly. That is why it is so important to ensure good audibility when designing learning spaces. It helps everyone.

Schwerpunkt Ästhetik

Elegant design

Schallschutz trifft Schönheit

Room acoustics solutions have long since ceased to be undesirable components of interior design. Modern systems such as the wood-based products from akustikplus are integral design elements that convey elegance and naturalness in equal measure and visually enhance rooms.