panel system
4/4/1,5 select | proofire A2
surface digital print

> 1.200 m²

Vilnius | Lithuania

Ulrik Raysse (DK)  
Aleksandras Gvildys (LT)

Companies involved
LT Projekt


Liudas Baronas

Architecture for employees

Saltoniskiu 7, (S7 for short) is a top-class office complex in Vilnius, Lithuania. The concept and execution are based on three core values: maximizing the well-being of employees, minimizing the environmental impact and supporting local communities.

"The employee is more valuable than the workplace." - that is the cornerstone of the S7 and was structurally implemented by the team of architects under the direction of Ulrik Raysse from Denmark and Aleksandras Gvildys from Lithuania. "We refuse to cramp employees in boxes and put them on shelves.", says Ulrik Raysse. The architects emphasize the emotional comfort of the employees and choose water as the dominant theme, which is converted into an artificially created pond in the inner courtyard.

When looking at the building, special attention is paid to the glazed corridors. The color gradient in various shades of blue, green and white perfectly is picking up on the topic of water and embodies dynamism and freshness. This concept is particularly effective and nice to look at in the evening. However, this is by no means a conventional coat of paint.

More than 1,200 m² of our panel system were installed here. The material (proofire) used here complies with all applicable fire protection requirements.
With the popular micro-perforation select, the sound-absorbing elements oppose the large glass surfaces and offer perfect acoustics in the long corridors.
The surface finish of the acoustic elements is a special digital printing process. With this, any motifs can be printed on our products in true color without closing the acoustically effective holes. Best acoustics, elegant design and fire protection combined.

The appropriate substructure was supplied on-top. As a rail system, the practical wall and panel strips enable ideal installation and offer the processor the option of revision. Subsequent installations and cable routing can thus also be implemented very conveniently.