Detailed: Our professional tips

As a manufacturer with many years of experience in the development and production of acoustic solutions made of wood, we have gained extensive expertise. In this section we want to share our know-how on selected topics and over time build up a useful collection of tips from our everyday life. It's worth taking a look! 


Ratgeber zur großflächigen Anwendung von Eichefurnier

Guide to large-scale application of oak veneer

When using oak veneer, the "plain" and "quartered" version is often desired. The aim is a view of the total area that is as homogeneous as possible.
Real wood veneer is sliced ​​from oak trunks. Approximately 600m² of veneer can be produced per trunk. If the area in the object is larger, veneers from different logs must be processed. Wood is a natural product and no trunk is the same. There are already color differences within a trunk. This is not noticeable on a record. In the overall view, however, it is clearly visible.

We often get the request for image processing or the use of the same trunks per wall or room. With large objects, however, there is always the risk that individual panels will be damaged during transport or assembly on site. This becomes even more noticeable when the panels are subsequently replaced, since individual panels can no longer be reproduced identically.

Therefore our recommendation:

For objects over 1000m², veneers of individual logs should be mixed with a system. As a result, the single panel is no longer so simple. However, the overall view creates a more harmonious picture.


Professional tips: The Moiré-Effekt

The Moiré-Effect

In the case of linear grids with constant slot spacing, the undesired effect of a blurred slot image can occur on longer or closer inspection. Our stripes slit pattern successfully counteracts this optical appearance,
the so-called moiré effect, with an interesting and irregular slit.

Wall and ceiling cladding in the slits stripes have a particularly soothing and harmonious effect on the eye. This product is a good alternative to linear slots, particularly in corridors and where space is limited.

slimline 16/3 as wall cladding

slimline stripes als Wandverkleidung     
slimline stripes as wall cladding