With strong roots, ready for the future

What began as a small carpenter's workshop over 200 years ago has matured over the years and grown into an international company.
We are proud of a large number of significant milestones and look forward to those ahead. We have a tradition of the future. We are firmly rooted in an internationally emerging market, we know where we come from and where we want to go.
Whether technological progress, spatial expansion or change management - our comfort zone is further development.

Since the turn of the millennium, the importance of room acoustics in the construction industry has steadily increased. The demand for high-quality acoustic products is growing all over the world.
With the founding of akustikplus a company has emerged that takes exactly this need.
As a pioneer and inventor in the field of acoustically effective products, we can look back on many years of experience and pioneering developments.

Please, find out more about our history.


Logo Hamberger Industriewerke GmbH & Co. KG

Growth through synergy effects.

With the acquisition by HAMBERGER Industriewerke GmbH, akustikplus experiences a trend-setting development.
Together with the international group from southern Germany, they are strategically optimally positioned to meet the increasing demand for acoustic solutions.

2020New brand identity + ERP system

New brand identity + ERP system

With a completely new appearance and a new brand strategy, akustikplus is positioning itself as the most innovative and individual solution provider in the field of room acoustics.


Logo der IPCOM vor corporate Background

akustikplus becomes part of the IPCOM Group with headquarters in Belgium. This allows us to benefit from the strength and extensive network of the European market leader in insulation products.


2011Plant in Behringen

Plant in Behringen

Ansgar Eichhorn, a certified engineer and 8th-generation family member in the trade, joins the company. A new high-tech plant for the production of acoustically effective products is being built in Thuringia. With eight specially developed CNC drilling centers and a large number of ultra-modern machines, akustikplus is now one of the world's most innovative and efficient acoustic producers in the field of wood-based materials.


2009Production expansion in Wächtersbach

Production expansion in Wächtersbach

5,000 m² of production space is added in Wächtersbach and Eichhorn also acquires the world's largest drilling center: 720 drills can be controlled synchronously or individually.

2004Development of first acoustic elements

Akustik Lochplatte

The dawn of the room acoustics era: Adrian Eichhorn develops the first acoustic elements and recognizes their potential. akustikplus is founded as a specialized company working in the development and distribution of acoustic products.

2000New production area in Wächtersbach

Neue Produktionsfläche in Wächtersbach

Growing in size: Eichhorn moves to a new location for space reasons, but remains loyal to Wächtersbach. The new home of Adrian Eichhorn Holzwerkstätte GmbH & Co. KG has over 10,500 m² of production and office space.

1950First series production

First series production

The 6th generation takes over the business: Karl Eichhorn starts mass production of windows, doors and stairs.

1776Foundation of the carpentry workshop

Gründung der Schreinerei

The beginning: The Eichhorn joinery is founded in Wächtersbach, located between Frankfurt and Fulda.