akustik+ proofire A2

akustik+ proofire
akustik+ proofire A2  complements our product range with non-flammable decorative panels as well as acoustically effective materials for the highest fire protection requirements.
Fire protection plays an increasingly important role, especially in public buildings. 
Our akustik+ proofire A2 product range provides non-flammable products that are used as 
composites certified to fire classification A2-s1, d0 according to DIN EN 13501-1 and approved by building authorities.
All akustik+ proofire A2 products were combined with micro-CPL, real wood veneer and varnish 
surfaces as well as smooth and acoustically effective elements (various perforations and slottings). Thus, these panels meet all applicable fire protection requirements and make it possible to fulfill 
individual wishes for decorative design and optimal room acoustics.
In this sensitive area, too, we offer you a variety of formats and products maximum design freedom.
akutik+ proofer A2