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With the acoustic panels from the slimline series, you can easily optimise room acoustics. Our products fulfil the DIN EN 11654 standard and are available in various degrees of absorption. The elegant panels fit into various room concepts. You can install the products either on the wall or the ceiling. The absorber modules absorb sound energy with the help of a special acoustic fleece on the inside.


Panel size:2.784 x 192 mm 
Carrier material:MDF | MDF Black
16 mm*
other thicknesses/materials on request
Slits:16/3 (as illustrated)
Further versions
Surfaces:Real wood veneer | melamine | CPL 
Carrier:Drilled acoustically effective 
Back:Technical backing
Acoustic fleece black
Edges:Longitudinal edge: groove and comb joint
Cross edge: industrial saw cut
Assembly:vertical | horizontal
wall | ceiling

*19 mm for the INVISIBLE version.


Perforations are generally less prominent than slots and can therefore subtly improve the room sound. The (micro-)perforated versions we offer cater for absorber classes A, B and C, depending on the overall structure, and therefore cover all common room acoustic requirements. As a special design, the acoustic panels can also be designed with different drill hole diameters and individually offset drill holes. Here we use our acoustography process, which turns your project into a visual highlight.

More information on slimline acoustic panels

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