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Change is sometimes closer than you think

Acoustics also play an important role within your own four walls. From the living and dining area to the hobby room and your own home office. People often get used to poor acoustics in their everyday lives. A deficit then only becomes apparent after optimisation or if there are noticeable health problems. We make sure that it doesn't get that far. Under the motto "Spatial sound for you", we want to sensitise people to the issue of acoustics in their private lives. Change is sometimes closer than you think. Reduce acoustic stress factors in your home and create an oasis of well-being and regeneration.


Glucksman Library

The architects worked out a draft concept based on the original library building, which has already…

Philipp-Reis School

More than 1,000 m2 of wall cladding veneered with real wood surface in oak

Cultural center of Ischgl

The cultural centre combines the rustic with the modern Ischgl.


The different perforations and finishes of the elements present the visitor with a modern and…

Andermatt Concert Hall

akustikplus produced over 1,000 m² of customised acoustic panels for this unique project.

École Privée Sainte-Anne II

In Ettelbruck, Luxembourg, the canteen of the École Privée Sainte-Anne was to be extended.