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From daycare centre to university

The relevance of room acoustics in educational institutions has been scientifically substantiated and practically proven. Poor acoustic design of rooms impairs cognitive performance (lack of concentration), safety (overheard alarm signals), health (noise-induced headaches) and well-being (restless atmosphere). Even social-emotional factors such as the ability to deal with conflict are significantly negatively influenced by a lack of acoustic concepts. From daycare centres to universities: the Education topic area deals specifically with the acoustic design of such spaces and is just as important for young children, pupils and students as it is for educators and teaching staff.

References in the education sector

Glucksman Library

The architects worked out a draft concept based on the original library building, which has already…

Philipp-Reis School

More than 1,000 m2 of wall cladding veneered with real wood surface in oak

École Privée Sainte-Anne II

In Ettelbruck, Luxembourg, the canteen of the École Privée Sainte-Anne was to be extended.


Our acoustic panels with the popular finest micro-perforation were effectively installed in the long…

Kindergarten Schwoich

Between tradition and modernity.

Park House - TUDublin

Peace and quiet on campus at last.