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Innovations have a long tradition at akustikplus

Innovations have a long tradition at akustikplus. Over the years, many products have been developed and matured into complete system solutions. The basis for this was often the special need that we recognized or that was brought to us. Over many years this has developed into a uniquely broad portfolio of room acoustic solutions.
Our solutions are basically addressed to four groups of specialists. These include (interior) architects on the one hand and specialists in interior design on the other. In addition, we are proud of our relationships with our customers in furniture construction and industry as well as our often long-standing partners in trade. There are various reasons for this: Aesthetics or sustainability of our products, speed and flexibility in the installation of the systems, a high degree of standardization or great reliability – and all this paired with precise advice.
No matter the specifics, all our customers can count on the same competence, the same experience and the same quality standards.

Our solutions

Interior designers and architects

More than ever before, planners of buildings or interiors are faced with a multitude of different requirements every day. Aesthetic demands have to be met as well as functional ones, but at the same time schedules are getting tighter and budgets more and more ambitious. All this is also reflected in the field of room acoustics. Special solutions are required here.

Interior work

Deadline pressure is high, the construction site is challenging and the customer is demanding – even in interior finishing, work has become more difficult over the years. It's good to have a product with a system and a consultant with experience at your disposal. akustikplus offers interior design professionals much more than just efficient and effective room acoustic materials. Instead, we provide all-round solutions that enable you to produce a tailor-made result with the best performance as quickly as possible.

Furniture making and industry

The trend towards room acoustics has long outgrown its niche – good acoustic conditions are simply too important for today's many worlds of work, learning and living. In furniture and product development, for example, the topic of sound insulation has long been taken into consideration from the very beginning.