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Acoustic panel

Andermatt | Switzerland

Studio Seilern Architects

Lindner Group KG


Roland Halbe

A small mountain village with a worldclass concert hall.

The concert hall in Andermatt/CH opened it´s doors in summer 2019. Studio Seilern Architects from London provided the design for this highly modern and characteristic building. There is probably no comparable village in the world that is home to such an exclusive and representative concert hall.
Around half of all residents of the calm Swiss ski resort at over 1,400 m can be accommodated here.

A curved facade made of glass under the new roof allows natural light to enter.

Passers-by have the opportunity - even during a performance - to look into the concert hall. At the same time, the audience can look out and enjoy the beautiful sounds and a spectacular alpine panorama. Both perspectives are unique!

Despite a ceiling height of over 12 m, the concert hall looks contemplative and familiar. In addition to the excellent acoustics, the wooden panels on the ceilings and walls also create a pleasant sense of space.

For this unique project, akustikplus produced over 1,000 m² of custom-made acoustic panels.
The highly effective sound absorbers are part of the innovative concept for perfect room acoustics.
The exclusive European oak veneer gives the concert hall its very own individual touch.

"In addition to the audible experience, visitors can also expect a visual highlight."

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